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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Skylight Installation Work

New skylights can offer a ton of unique benefits to your home, but it’s natural to have questions before you get them installed. See the answers to the most frequently asked questions from Quality Driven Exteriors below!

Can You Install Roofing?

Quality Driven Exteriors is a Certified GAF Roofing shingles installer! If you need a new roof to go along with your new Velux skylights in New Hampshire, we’re the best people for the job!

Can Skylights Lower My Energy Bill Costs?

Velux skylights have better thermal performance and increased ventilation, both of which are valuable qualities for regulating the temperature of your home. They take more of the strain off of your home’s energy systems, which lowers your energy bills as a result!

What Are Your Business’s Hours?

Our business is open from 7 AM to 7 PM, seven days a week! Give us a call anytime for your roofing and skylight needs in New Hampshire!

Which Velux Skylights Can You Install?

Quality Driven Exteriors can install the full lineup of Velux skylight products for commercial and residential clients in New Hampshire. To get a better understanding of your options, click here to view their inventory!

Where Can You Install Skylights?

Quality Driven Exteriors is proud to service the people of southern New Hampshire with new skylights. Click here to view our full service area!

Do Skylights Add Value To Your Home?

Skylights can do wonders for increasing your home’s property value! They can help bring natural light to rooms that are lacking in it, making these areas more enjoyable to be in - and more marketable to prospective buyers as a result! If you install a skylight in your attic, for example, it will turn it from a dark, unusable space into a brightly lit and usable room. It adds more surface area to your home!

What’s The Difference Between A Skylight & A Velux Skylight?

What separates Velux skylights from its competitors is that they are a superior quality of skylight. This is true in many aspects! For example, regular skylights have an average lifespan of around a decade. Velux skylights can double - and sometimes even triple - that length of time, as they can last for around 20 years at minimum! Velux skylights also have more weather-resistant seals and go through a series of rigorous inspections before and after their construction. You can rest assured that you’re getting a class of skylight unlike any other!

Contact Quality Driven Exteriors For Flawless Skylight Installation in New Hampshire

Quality Driven Exteriors can improve your home’s energy efficiency and raise its property value with some of the most advanced and highly trusted skylights on the market. To secure these benefits and more for your New Hampshire property, click here to contact us directly!

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