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Residential and Commercial Velux Skylight Installation in Merrimack, NH

With Quality Driven Exteriors

Merrimack, NH is a town in Hillsborough County with over 26,000 people calling it home. There’s a good reason why so many people flock to the town to live: it’s chock full of fun stuff to do! You can reconnect with nature with a number of different hiking and biking trails in addition to national parks. You can unwind afterward with a trip to several noteworthy breweries, wineries, and restaurants within the area. Merrimack homeowners can greatly benefit from having a new skylight installed, and Quality Driven Exteriors is happy to provide an option like no other to this area!


The Velux Skylight Difference

Velux skylights offer a quality of skylight that other manufacturers can’t match. There are a few qualities that set Velux skylights apart from their competitors. Some of the most noteworthy features you’ll receive from a Velux skylight include:


  • No Leaks: Velux Skylights offer a no-leak promise that other skylights can’t offer. They have the resources to back it up, too: Velux skylights are installed with a patented deck seal technology that utilizes three layers of protection to prevent water from getting in.

  • Higher Quality Glass: Velux skylights are fitted with clean, quiet, and safe glass that brings out the best of all three qualities. This glass minimizes the maintenance work needed for a skylight while keeping outside noise out and increasing your home’s energy efficiency!

  • Certified Installers: Quality Driven Exteriors is officially certified in installing Velux skylights. All of our skylight installations in Merrimack will be performed to perfection, and you’ll have the warranty to back that quality up as well!

Residential and Commercial Skylight Installation in Merrimack, NH

Quality Driven Exteriors can bring out the best qualities of a skylight in both residential and commercial settings. Utility bills aren’t the cheapest part of property ownership, but a new Velux skylight can help ease the burden they cause! They bring in an unparalleled amount of natural light while taking the strain off of your building’s heating and cooling systems. They can increase your home’s property value and make the room they appear in look much more inviting!


Commercial buildings can benefit greatly from a new skylight! The increase in natural light gives the room a more attractive environment for your employees to work in. They’ll give your building a greater sense of professionalism and high status, which can significantly impact your ability to appeal to clients! If you need a residential skylight or commercial skylight installed, we’ll help you make the best of your investment!


Contact Us Today!

The Quality Driven Exteriors difference ensures that your home or business gets the best of every benefit a new Velux skylight offers. To install a new Velux skylight in Merrimack, NH, click here to fill out our contact form or call us at 603-339-7916!

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