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What Separates Velux Skylights From The Competition?

Installing any new exterior feature on your home isn’t a decision you should take lightly. You want to take some time to do your research into the best manufacturers to ensure that you get the best quality for your dollar. If you’re interested in installing a new skylight, we’ll save you hours of research - Velux Skylights are the best option out there! This is a statement that requires some proof to back it up, so how do they separate themselves from the competition? We break down the top traits that set Velux skylights apart below!

Increased Sunlight

One of the main purposes of a skylight is to bring more natural light to a room that is lacking in it. So, how do Velux skylights enhance this quality? The answer lies within the makeup of their glass. Velux skylights are installed with clean, quiet, and safe glass. For this example, let’s focus on their cleanliness. They are made with a compound called silicon dioxide, which helps to wash off any murkiness or debris from the glass. Your natural light won’t be as spotty, and you’ll get a much clearer view of the outside as well!

The No-Leak Promise

Skylights can add a ton of benefits to your home, but a common problem that many manufacturers can’t seem to avoid is skylight leaks. Many skylights have a tendency to leak water into your home, which can cause serious damage to everything inside! This problem is largely caused by inadequate deck seals. Velux skylights eliminate this issue with their own patented deck seal technology, which adds three layers of water protection to their seals to give your skylights maximum protection.

Decreased Outside Noise

Outside noise is never a problem you want to deal with in excess! It can be annoying and cause a lack of sleep, among other problems. The quality of glass that goes into Velux skylights puts them a step ahead of their competitors! According to their website, the glass used in Velux skylights can reduce outside noise by up to 25% less than standard double-pane glass. If you had a plastic skylight before, a Velux upgrade would help make it 50% quieter! Not only do you get increased ventilation with Velux skylights, but you get increased peace as well.

Velux Skylight Installation with Quality Driven Exteriors

If you’re looking to install a Velux skylight, you shouldn’t consult just any installer. You want to make sure that the quality of your installation is perfect to prevent any problems. Quality Driven Exteriors is specifically certified in Velux skylight installation, which ensures that your skylights will be perfect every time. To get the increased benefits of a Velux skylight for your New Hampshire home, click here to contact us directly!

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