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Why Hire A VELUX-Certified Installer

VELUX-certified installers provide fast and efficient installation.

Installing a skylight in your home can be a challenging and intimidating undertaking unless you're an expert do-it-yourselfer. You absolutely will save your precious time and avoid headaches by hiring an VELUX-certified installer.

With the VELUX certification program completed, you can rest easy knowing that certified skylight installers have the skills and training necessary to complete your skylight project quickly and expertly.

VELUX-certified installers are able to discuss your daylight aspirations during your consultation to find the best option for your home. They have vast experience installing traditional skylights and roof windows.

Installers with the VELUX certification are passionate about assisting you in building a healthier and happier home. We can provide a variety of alternatives to realize your design ideas when it comes to illuminating your area with natural light.

For example: If you want to install skylights in a room with a flat ceiling, your skylight specialist would know how best to construct the area below the skylight, known as a light shaft, to maximize the benefits of natural light.

The strict, high-quality VELUX requirements are met through superb installations performed by certified installers. In comparison to non - certified installers, those with advanced VELUX training and certification can complete installations more rapidly and effectively due to their experience and skill.

VELUX-certified installers provide fast and efficient installation.

You can trust these certified VELUX experts that install skylights every day to safeguard your inside furniture from dust and to complete your project swiftly while working on the rooftop.

Are you ready to make your home lighter, brighter and healthier? Contact Eric today!

Your local VELUX CERTIFIED Installer, Eric Aubin.

Eric Aubin - Certified Velux Installer - New Hampshire
VELUX Certified Installer - Eric Aubin

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