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How Do Skylights Work?

Installing a new skylight in your home is an investment that can pay off in dividends! There are plenty of unique benefits that skylights offer. We’ve spent a lot of time covering the “why” of skylights and their installation, but what about the question of “how”? More specifically, how do skylights work to give your home the benefits it provides? There are perfectly good reasons why different types of skylights work the way they do - we review some noteworthy examples below!

Energy Efficiency

Having an ordinary window act as a skylight won’t give it the energy efficiency over your traditional skylight options! This is because the energy efficiency of a skylight comes from the way it’s structured. Skylights are made with either tempered or laminated glass. Both are designed in different ways, but the main goal is to make the glass stronger than traditional glass panels. These glass panels absorb sunlight better and prevent unwanted air from infiltrating your home, making sure that your room stays at a comfortable temperature.

Preventing Leaks

One of the biggest complaints with some of the lower-tier skylights that you’ll find on the market is that they tend to leak water into your home during inclement weather. Not only are Velux skylights an outlier from this trend, but they’ve made a specific promise against skylight leakage! Velux skylights are designed with three seals that go around the base of the skylight, giving it three times the protection of normal skylights. These seals are much more effective than traditional skylights at keeping water out of your home.

Comparing To Regular Windows

There’s a reason why people choose skylights over more traditional window options! They’re much more efficient at their primary objective than regular windows are. When comparing skylights to regular windows, skylights let in three times the amount of natural light. This makes them a better choice for energy efficiency and light production. Because skylights let more natural light in, it takes even more strain off your home’s cooling systems.

Velux Skylights With Quality Driven Exteriors

A new skylight can save you a ton of money in the long run, but the highest quality skylights will yield the best results. Quality Driven Exteriors works with the most respected skylight manufacturer in the industry in Velux skylights, connecting you with top-tier options from their entire library of skylights. If you’re looking to increase the energy efficiency of your New Hampshire property, contact us today!

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